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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just a day of playing around with my Cricut Imagine; I love that I can just cut with it too....I actually think that it cuts much cleaner and more detailed than my Cricut Expression machine doent seem to snag the paper when doing smaller cuts. I used my Gypsy to create the parts of this card. I cased someone elses card for the idea. Now I am thinking What other cards with this design or layout can I create! I love my Gypsy!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay so this post is basically for my good friend Carrie Ann that doesnt speak my language.This is my Gypsy. It is a portable take it anywhere design studio that allows you to create layouts cards and images from your Cricut cartridges. That is about all I can tell ya Carrie without "speaking the language that is Greek to you" Love ya anyways alot!!!

I am playin around with my brayer again this afternoon. Love this Just Believe set from SU! think it is really pretty. Used Old Olive, Always Artichoke, Marina Mist and Pacific Point inks and of course Basic Black. I LOVE my brayer!
Just finished with some cards that I have been working on for a friend of mine. I love making her cards and need to start doing it again. Used to get them done for her more often! It isnt a very good picture of them definitely doesnt do the colors justice! Hope you enjoy them. They are done using the brayering technique I learned from Michelle and this is a cased card. Happy weekend hope you are enjoying it! Think I need to go brew a pot of coffee!
Happy stamping! Pam
Okay YEEEESSSS i turned 39 for the third time last week and my sweetie Wesley sent these beautiful roses to the store for me......he is the best! My birthday was a great day. Usually take a vacation day for the day but I worked it for once. That evening I and the kids went out to eat at the Pizza Ranch. Ethan was sick that day so he didnt eat but it was good to spend the time together. That evening I spend my birthday at my daughter Sami's vocal concert----she has a BEAUTIFUL voice. She walked by me as I was coming into find a seat and said smartly What a way to spend your birthday mom?! I couldnt think of any other way to spend it that evening!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

so this is the cheapo storage cubes i have been puttin together there is another on the wall across from these too i think they will work out nice. there will be two work areas out here on the porch one for me and one for my lovely daughter Sami! She reaallly is a creative genius she has such a fresh uncluttered mind and comes up with the coolest things!!!! Wish I had her unclutched mind!!!! Well thought you would enjoy seeing the progress! Have a great night!
Hey everybody out there waiting to hear the great news that my daddy got my new door put into my Butler County scrap room--------------ITS IN AND LOOKS FABULOUS DARLIN'!!! THANK YOU DADDY! We owe you Carlos O Kellys again! That will really break my heart to eat there again!!!!!! Love those Sancho Especials! Anywhooooooo......been doin alot of playin around with storage out on my porch just cheap cubular towers if thats a word lol! so the next picture I upload will be that! Havent decided where I am going to put them just movin them all over till I find what I like!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

posting comments to my blog???????????

I just want to thank each of you for checking into my blog and leaving me comments! I have tried to post a comment back to each of you but I am doing something wrong I guess! It wont let me post........aauggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I just want you to know I do read your comments and fully appreciate them.........there is something I need to learn about posting comments --------------HOW TO DO IT!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

these are the printed and cut images that I did on my new Cricut Imagine! the top one is printed out as one image no layering the bottom pieces were all printed and cut out individual layers of the top image so you can layer them for dimension in a project. This machine is compatible with all my other cricut cartridges and you choose the color or design papers to be printed on them each Imagine cartridge has its own set of color schemes!!! Cant wait to Imagine the possibilities!!!!!!

WHOOOT HOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new toy is here and it calbirated and it printed and it cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to start playin with it I have printed one little project so I will try to post it in a few....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Okay I know it has been a long time coming but the valances are up on all windows and I love them. I found them at The Cannery in Prairie Du Chen last weekend on our way up to Gays Mills and Warrens Wisconsin. We love stopping at The Cannery although it is sensory overload!!! Wes starts sneezing! We hit all the apple orchards and then the Cranberry Fest the next day in Warrens! I hate cranberries but love walking around to all the booths of crafts and dips and homemade items. It is a nice peaceful drive in the fall and the leaves on the trees are just turning! I LOVE FALL! Well this week I will hopefully be doing alot of crafting! I need to just start sitting down and doing it.... I need to start getting Samis book caught up. I have a new toy coming on Tuesday so I will unveil it on Wednesday!!! I can hardly wait! Can you imagine what it is!?!??!!?!?!?????!?!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Well I have got the new windows and new basswood blinds in my space at the Butler County farm. I am loving it! I guess I shouldve taken the picture with the blinds slightly cloed but I have them open cuz I look the view of the yard and duck barn from where I sit. I put up a track light that beams down on my work area and my florescent lamp above my work is AWESOME! Told Wes today that I may be spending time in my room stamping and scrapping and sewing while he goes to New Hartford to milk every night. Typically I ride with him every night on the week that my kids spend the week with their father.
Well I had better get off and see what coupons I can find for the scrapstores Archivers has a 30% off one on my email and Micheals in bound to have one....Happy scrappin and stampin out there have a great weekend

Thursday, September 16, 2010

this is a case I cased from the queen Michelle....bow bow bow......anywho......I made it for my man's parents for their anniversary...........I think it came out fantastic even though I havent made royalty brayering status. Got the blinds in for my Butler County cratroom and got them up. Will post a picture of them in the next few days....the room is looking fab!!
Well I am turning in for the night happy stamping!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ok so this is my first card using the techniques that I learned at Michelle Zindorfs class last week in Grinnell. I am pleased with it and think that for my first card it came out great! Am excited to get to stamp this week in my Butler County stamp room. It isnt finished yet but far enough for me to set up a table and have a place to stamp. We went and looked at prehung doors today at Menards and Wes found one that he liked and said it would look great on my stamproom exit to the outside. We plan on getting it in the next month. We also need baseboard and a carpet remnant I am keeping my eyes pelled for a nice cheap one! Well I had better go get somethings done. I am craving a nice big creamy cup of coffee.
I found this picture by mistake looking for a picture of a cowboy card that I did this weekend so I guess INTRODUCING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! This is Wesley and he is who I made the card for that I am looking for so I will go back and look for the card and post it in a few minutes!! LOL!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another view of my little porch. We bought two new windows to put in out there and are looking for a new door before winter hits. My wonderful dad is coming out tomorrow night and putting them in. I will be grilling steaks afterwards. Cant wait to help him---what little help I am! Then I will be hitting some good ole Bear auctions at the fairgrounds in Eldora for some tables or desks to be my workspace. I love Bear Auctions they have the best quality stuff not like the auctions in Iowa Falls

Well, here is my Butler County stamproom with the first coat of pumpkin pie paint on. I have been waiting for the humidity to drop so I can put on the second coat. I am excited to have something to do at the farm when I am out there and will be able to scrap and stamp this fall and winter and not just cook and clean-----thats what I do when I am bored.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

this is the third card that we made and my favorite card it absolutely wowed me!!!!! Hope you have enjoyed seeing part of what I learned how to do today!! Have a great weekend!
This is the second card that we made today. after makeing the first one this one seemed like a piece of cake! Again I love the color selection on these cards!

I have been waiting and waiting for this class to come to Iowa....often have been tempted to buy a plane ticket and attend one in another state but I am glad I waited. AWESOME AWESOME class!!!!!! Cant wait to take the advanced brayer class! This is the first card that we did after we practiced on scratch paper for 15 minutes. Love the color of nature in this card. Looked at it at first and thought this woman is crazy to start us out on a card like this.....AMAZING class!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good afternoon stampers! Just thought I would share a project that I am working on----this is going to be my new stamping space at the farm. My wonderful man gave me this porch to turn into a scraproom! We went to Home Depot and bought the paint last night. We decided on Maple Leaf it is kinda a pumkin pie! Cant wait to get started! Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoon! Happy stamping!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well I just started my blog and I know that my purpose for this blog is to share creative projects and things I enjoy, but to start out I just want to share the joys of my life---my children. Sami on the right and Ethan in the middle and his girlfriend Amber. This picture is out of my many from our recent trip to DisneyWorld in Florida in the middle of July. My kids and I and my father flew to Orlando for 7 days of Disney. That fulfilled two of my dreams I had for us to do before my kids were on their own----to fly somewhere and go to Disney World! In the last ten years we have always drove to our vacation destinations---several 20+ hour trips to the coast and to Yellowstone National Park. Just to watch their faces as we lifted off into the sky each leg of the trip brought me so much joy inside---such an incredibly awesome feeling and blessing!