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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another view of my little porch. We bought two new windows to put in out there and are looking for a new door before winter hits. My wonderful dad is coming out tomorrow night and putting them in. I will be grilling steaks afterwards. Cant wait to help him---what little help I am! Then I will be hitting some good ole Bear auctions at the fairgrounds in Eldora for some tables or desks to be my workspace. I love Bear Auctions they have the best quality stuff not like the auctions in Iowa Falls

Well, here is my Butler County stamproom with the first coat of pumpkin pie paint on. I have been waiting for the humidity to drop so I can put on the second coat. I am excited to have something to do at the farm when I am out there and will be able to scrap and stamp this fall and winter and not just cook and clean-----thats what I do when I am bored.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

this is the third card that we made and my favorite card it absolutely wowed me!!!!! Hope you have enjoyed seeing part of what I learned how to do today!! Have a great weekend!
This is the second card that we made today. after makeing the first one this one seemed like a piece of cake! Again I love the color selection on these cards!

I have been waiting and waiting for this class to come to Iowa....often have been tempted to buy a plane ticket and attend one in another state but I am glad I waited. AWESOME AWESOME class!!!!!! Cant wait to take the advanced brayer class! This is the first card that we did after we practiced on scratch paper for 15 minutes. Love the color of nature in this card. Looked at it at first and thought this woman is crazy to start us out on a card like this.....AMAZING class!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good afternoon stampers! Just thought I would share a project that I am working on----this is going to be my new stamping space at the farm. My wonderful man gave me this porch to turn into a scraproom! We went to Home Depot and bought the paint last night. We decided on Maple Leaf it is kinda a pumkin pie! Cant wait to get started! Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoon! Happy stamping!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well I just started my blog and I know that my purpose for this blog is to share creative projects and things I enjoy, but to start out I just want to share the joys of my life---my children. Sami on the right and Ethan in the middle and his girlfriend Amber. This picture is out of my many from our recent trip to DisneyWorld in Florida in the middle of July. My kids and I and my father flew to Orlando for 7 days of Disney. That fulfilled two of my dreams I had for us to do before my kids were on their own----to fly somewhere and go to Disney World! In the last ten years we have always drove to our vacation destinations---several 20+ hour trips to the coast and to Yellowstone National Park. Just to watch their faces as we lifted off into the sky each leg of the trip brought me so much joy inside---such an incredibly awesome feeling and blessing!