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Monday, February 21, 2011

And this is the last "flip". I have had sooooo much fun making this album and am excited to share how to make this in a class as soon as I figure out a theme that works for most people
And this is the next "flip" lol

this is the first "flip" of the album it flips four times and I will try to post each "flip" in the next few posts.

OK so it has been awhile since I posted to my blog well I need to do better... Just got done making this adorable little album. Made it for my son but now I just wanna keep it. This will be an album that I will be teaching people how to make at one of my upcoming classes. If you are interested in taking this class and making an album for yourself (different theme of course) I will be offering this class by the end of March. I will post the RSVP date as soon as I get the theme and the date figured out