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Friday, September 17, 2010

Well I have got the new windows and new basswood blinds in my space at the Butler County farm. I am loving it! I guess I shouldve taken the picture with the blinds slightly cloed but I have them open cuz I look the view of the yard and duck barn from where I sit. I put up a track light that beams down on my work area and my florescent lamp above my work is AWESOME! Told Wes today that I may be spending time in my room stamping and scrapping and sewing while he goes to New Hartford to milk every night. Typically I ride with him every night on the week that my kids spend the week with their father.
Well I had better get off and see what coupons I can find for the scrapstores Archivers has a 30% off one on my email and Micheals in bound to have one....Happy scrappin and stampin out there have a great weekend

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Donna Heber said...

Looking good Pam. Can I borrow your stamp room?